Create your happiness and contribute to the happiness of the people around you. Happiness is not a constant state. It consists of seperate elements, which together give you the feeling of joy.

Spread your kindness, love and joy. It’s a simple way to create and share that happy-feeling. Both for you, as for the people around you.


At we strongly believe in personal touches. In those small little gifts, that give that sparkle of light in the eyes.

We create paper products, as inspiration and tiny presents to bring these happy-moments. We share our products actively to invite the receiver to forward the little gift to others. In this way we hope to inspire as much people as possible to consciously create more happy-moments together.

We invite you to help us expand our MakeHappy-mission by sharing about your created happymaking gifts or -moments online, and use the hashtag #MakeHappyToday.


Don't postpone happiness


#MakeHappyToday #DontPostponeHappiness #PleasePassOnTheHappiness

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